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Home-Based Business – 3 Simple Business Methods to Work From Home

Owning a home-based business and working from home is the ideal business style for most of the people who wish to achieve their financial freedom as well as to enjoy a carefree lifestyle. This is the most sought-after way to escape from the rat race and say good-bye to their bosses. In other words, they don’t have to worry about getting laid off by the companies that they are working for when the economic is not doing well anymore.

However, there are still many people who never realize this dream because they often relate Internet business with those types of Internet companies that were set up rapidly during the “Internet boom” and then collapsed when the “bubble” was burst. During the Internet booming time, a lot of generous investors were willing to support the big companies. They invested heavily on campaign advertising and fanciful technology.

Fortunately, it is far easier to start a home-based Internet business nowadays than before. Neither you need to worry about not getting any investors to invest in your home-based Internet business nor need to worry about not having the money to start up your Internet business.

I’m going to show you the three simple business methods to work from home by starting a home-based business :

Business Method #1 – Affiliate Marketing :

Starting a home-based business with affiliate marketing is the easiest business method to begin with. The nature of doing affiliate marketing is to promote other people’s products and earn a commission when you make a sale successfully.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest business methods because you don’t have to create your own product. You can find the merchants’ products to promote. You can also create your own website, get an autoresponder system set up and build a relationship with your prospects. Some of the Internet marketing gurus even tell you that it is not necessary to have your own website and autoresponder because you can use pay-per-click advertising to promote your products.

Business Method #2 – Information Product :

An information product belongs to the digital product business that is the second easiest business method to start a home-based business. You can create your own information products in the form of electronic book (eBook), software or other types of quality content for your customers to download to their PCs directly after paying you via the payment processor.

You will like this type pf business method if you are good in generating product ideas, enjoy authoring your own eBooks or software and are willing to handle the customer service requests on your own.

Business Method #3 – Auction :

Auction is the third easiest business method to start a home-based online business. Auction sites allow you to sell physical as well as digital products. The most popular auction sites are eBay, uBid, Yahoo! Auctions and so on.

Auction business method is a good way for anybody new to online business to start with. However, auction has its drawback because it requires more work to run an auction business. You are required to manage multiple auctions per day if you are into it to make money. Furthermore, you need to handle the product delivery, inventory and customer service.

The three simple business methods to work from home have been listed clearly for you. You can pick one of the three business methods that interest or suit you the most to start your home-based business.

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How to Find a Successful Internet Business For Sale

As the number of Internet users’ flock around their machines the time is just ripe for the Internet businesses to flood the market. The Internet is the storehouse of in-numerous opportunities and provides a sea of options for many to earn quick bucks by engaging themselves in lucrative Internet businesses. Statistics reveal that Internet businesses are roping in more and more profit with each passing day.

Buying Internet Businesses and selling them is a lucrative option. The transactions are easily done through the web and the money flowing in is also quite hefty. Internet business can be started without much investment. You only need a computer and the Internet to start off your business. You do not need a website to be successful in online business. Buying Internet Businesses should be done carefully. You should do a thorough research on the offers available on the net. You have to list down the most lucrative ones. You can also take professional help to guide you through your purchase.

Mostly websites with mass traffic are the most beneficial ones. They are already popular and hence you can be able to establish your business quite fast. You can be easily deceived by the heavy prices charged by the owners. Professional help like brokers will provide lucid details about the best buys and the best prices by steering clear of fraud and piracy. Even without the brokers you can get abundant information online where a lot of companies advertise the sale of their websites.

You can also consider other options like flipping websites. There are lots of website on the internet which have not been visited or attended for quite sometime. You can purchase such websites and mould them into your own style and likings. There are websites which require no further updating or updates itself automatically. These websites are very useful as there are no further hassles in maintaining the site whereas you could extract the maximum utility from them. Thus you have to only make an initial investment and there are no further investments.

You can also purchase gaming sites with arcade games installed in them. They are sure to lure a lot of enthusiastic users as well as it is easy to maintain such sites. Once the sites are launched with the games loaded in them, you need not maintain your site unless you want to make it more interesting by adding newer games.

You can also buy Internet business from online free classifieds. There are advertisements of various websites on sell along with their details. You should grab hold of a Spam free website for a lasting effect. The classifieds offer interaction space between buyers and sellers, which is beneficial for the bargaining on the purchasing price. The classified owners are answerable to their dealings and you get the best prices for your businesses.

Your purchase should be unique and all terms and conditions should be thoroughly attended. An Attractive website is sure to take you places and help you to establish your business and make it popular overnight with a dense traffic.

Investor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investing and Retirement Planning Using IRA-401K Part 3

Boomer’s-Bank Part 3 of the eBook Boomer’s-Bank

Financial Intelligence for Real Estate Investing This is the last part of Chapter 1 of the book where we start to Explore the options available to Boomer’s or anyone looking to create enough Positive Passive Cash Flow to deal with what experts are expecting during the next 20 to 30 years.

Please understand I hope Everything on the negative side of this book are just BS, however if I am correct in my reporting then Something someone needs to take Action–and No one is coming in to Save the day outside of yourself..

So here is the balance of the chapter PS: there are 21 chapters—and it gets better and better

What this means in practice is that you have to start figuring out how to consolidate the value of your assets. You have to invest in your future to ensure that you don’t get caught up in the ever tightening financial noose. So why is real estate investment your answer? Let’s consider for a minute the power of real estate. As we had mentioned earlier, for centuries real estate investment has been considered one of the most effective methods for building wealth. It’s not just super-wealth that real estate can help establish, however, as it’s a very down-to-earth investment approach. In Marin County, California, a married couple in their sixties was able to purchase homes for their two children in the 1990s thanks to their earlier decision to invest in a favorable real estate market about thirty years prior. If you’re unfamiliar with Marin County, all you need to know is that it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the area surrounding San Francisco. It’s a decidedly well-to-do area where real estate property values are basically skyrocketing, along with just about everything else. So how did a retired teacher and his landscape gardener wife manage to purchase two family homes in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in California?

Mr. and Mrs. Peterman bought a home in Marin in the late 1960s before the property values began their climb. The house they bought was relatively run down but it was a sizeable piece of land. After moving into their home, the couple started construction on their dream home positioned at the back of their property, in what was effectively their backyard. They built, from scratch, a three bedroom house suitable for their family. When that house was built, they knocked down the original house and raised enough money to build a second house on the front of their property.

By the time the Peterman children were thinking about college, Mr. and Mrs. Peterman were able to sell off the second house along with about half of the land that they had originally bought. Their profit was considerable since they made the purchase when property values were low and the sale when values for the area were climbing. The money they made not only allowed them to put their two kids through college, it also enabled them to make the down payments on homes for their children when the time came for the kids to settle down.

The Petermans enjoyed their considerable success not simply because they had ventured into the realm of real estate investing. Nor were they able to clear themselves of any debts and help their children avoid the financial quagmire to which people are undoubtedly prone when they live and work in a decidedly expensive neighborhood because they were in the right place at the right time. The real ‘X’ factor in the Peterman investment story is the fact that they used

their IRA and 401k packages to purchase their real estate properties in the first place. Among other things, this savvy investment decision meant that they didn’t pay capital gains on the money they made from the sale of their second property. Mr. and Mrs. Peterman are also doing well in terms of preparing for retirement. All the money they have used to invest in their real estate has come through their retirement plan (hence no capital gains on the sales).

Considering this story, perhaps you’re getting an idea about what really constitutes smart investment decisions. Unless you have a lot of money to play with, you should be entering into real estate for a very specific reason. It is always best to identify your goals at the outset. Do you dream of becoming the next real estate mogul in your community, a successful counterpart to Donald Trump? Do you have a sizeable debt that you are looking to get rid of? Do you dream about having several hundred-thousand dollars tucked safely away in your bank account? Perhaps even a few million dollars if you are prepared to stay at it for a while.

Establish what you are dreaming about, what you would really like to have in your life. You need a plan to turn your dream into a reality. Whether real estate is part of the destination you have in mind or is only a stepping stone to get you where you want to go, this book should help you build a viable plan to achieve your goals in a way that makes a lot of financial sense; not only for your immediate future, but, perhaps more importantly, for your longterm financial well-being.

Think about it for a moment. Real estate is a very diverse commodity. You have numerous options from buying a single family property that you intend to live in to perhaps leveraging a multifamily apartment building. You can also buy a parking lot or an office building complex. Why not buy a plot of land and use it to build several condos or, if the plot is big enough, build a planned residential community? In this day and age, investing in real estate is one of the smartest things you can do, period!

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the first idea how to get their heads around this type of arrangement. The notion of owning real estate that is not just for their principle use or the idea of using their retirement plan to leverage and invest in the first place is somehow bewildering to them. It terrifies most people to think about the work involved. At least, they believe there’s a lot of work involved. How do you make your money back? What if you’ve got to find tenants for an investment property? How do you do that? How do you go about selling a

property when you want to? Who do you call? A lawyer? A real estate agent? A financial planner or broker? What if you can’t sell it for the price you paid? What if you just want to flip properties like those foreclosure deals you always hear about on television? Can you still use your retirement plan and if so, how do you go about organizing it?

All of these questions posed by an inquiring mind deserve a complete, fair, and rounded answer. The truth is that when it comes to real estate, there’s no one answer that always fits the bill. Creativity is important.

The good news about this industry, as we shall emphasize at various points throughout this book, is that the prime commodity, real estate and particularly commercial real estate, are universally valuable. Their value is considerable and it’s unlikely to fall very far below the mark. People are always going to need buildings for commercial use. They won’t necessarily always need an office building in precisely that location but they will need something or the other. Places change, and thus commercial real estate is the best type of real estate you can possibly invest in if you want to be able to surf the waves of change that undoubtedly will affect your community over time.

But hold on a sec. The best news is yet to come. You don’t have to be a Donald Trump to do well in this field either. Real estate investing is actually very straightforward once you have the mechanisms in place and the important numbers on speed dial. You invest some of your own money to buy a property through your IRA or 401k; you borrow some money against the value of the property. Either you keep the investment property as your primary residence or you turn the property into a source of income, the choice is yours. You can do some repairs, some renovation and development on the property, to increase its value. If you don’t use the property as a residence for yourself, you either make your money back long-term by renting units or you flip the thing and resell it for more than you originally paid, avoiding problems such as capital gain because the money you make goes into your retirement plan. The precise details of each arrangement will vary depending on the type of property in question and your particular interest. If you want to make money fast, you are probably going into the flipping business; buying and then quickly reselling your properties to earn a fast profit that you can store away safely to keep your future looking bright and breezy.

What this book should do for you above all is to provide a definitive outline of the principles of real estate dealing. The general purpose is to chart the entire process for buying and eventually selling properties while leaving you plenty of room to maneuver within the general framework. Moreover, it also aims to provide a definitive explanation for precisely why this type of investment strategy is not only advantageous but, in many instances, decidedly necessary for securing a viable retirement plan.

End of Chapter 1