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Build Business Credit by Choosing Your Company’s Name Wisely

Establishing credit for your company has some simple straight forward things to do. There are also some not so obvious things to do. What you call your business can “red flag” the funding process.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an appropriate name for your business. First, you must see if your name is available from your state’s Secretary of State. If it seems too good, another business may already be using it. Assuming your first choice is available what next?

Due diligence would suggest you check to see that the name is not trademarked or patented. This can save you some embarrassment and goodwill. If you start marketing a name of another company they can put a cease and desist order on you using it. That could also be expensive if you have to go back and change your marketing materials.

Now, what not to do. There are certain words to avoid if at all possible. Words that describe certain industries tend to be frowned upon when it comes to getting credit for your business.

Avoid words in your name relating to finance or real estate. For example, John’s Real Estate Investment Advisor Services, Inc. might sound great. Unfortunately, that name has two red flags in it; real estate and investment.

However, John’s Management & Consulting Services, Inc. will have a far greater level of success to obtaining company funding just by changing a couple of words.

When choosing your business’s name just think about it in those terms. Does it sound speculative or risky? If it will raise suspicion to a lender, then think of an alternative word instead.

What if you already named your company something that lenders will frown upon? If you just started your company you could just dissolve it and start a new one.

However, requesting a simple name change form for your entity will probably be the easiest and cheapest thing to do. Just remember to add that amendment to your articles of incorporation. Most states have very simple procedures for this. It must be a mistake a lot of people make.

How to Market Your Business With Promotional Pens

What are your specific marketing goals? You can learn how to market your business with promotional pens to gain the highest rate of return on your investment. Who is your target market? You need to put your promotional pens in their hands. How your marketing team manages to distribute these pens can be part of improving your marketing return on investment.

One easy way to distribute promotional pens to market your business is by giving away many of the pens to your employees or current customers. By handing out these pens for free, your employees and customers will take them home with them, use them at the office, offer them to others who need a pen and in general, use them in a variety of environments. Each time the pens are used, your business name is reinforced and you will make members of your target market aware of your business and ready to learn more about the products and services you offer.

Another easy distribution method to market your business is at local seminars or large industry conferences. At these events, you are literally surrounded by members of your target market, as well as other businesses that could be potential partners in the future. By handing out free promotional pens to everyone at the seminar or conference, you will immediately see a bigger increase in your business name recognition. Be sure to put your company website, available products and services on the pen to give a quick snapshot of the business to anyone who grabs the promotional pen. Promotional pens can market your business in a subtle and casual way that will have members of your target market naturally finding your company message and reinforcing your branding each time they use your pen. See how promotional pens can be used to market your business for your success. Place your order for promotional pens for your business and take advantage of promotional marketing today.

Effective Ways to Be Successful in Your Online Business

The following pointers explain how.

1. You must have a vision and goals to achieve. You will need to have clearly stated goals to achieve with your business; otherwise you do not have anything to work towards. These goals will guide you towards the actions you must take everyday to build your business. Your action plan must outline all the steps you will take to become successful with your online business.

2. Have a budget allocated to promote your business. Some people seem to think that you can be successful online without investing any money. Although there are many ways through which you can promote your business, some free and some where you have to pay some money; it is very important to allocate some budget towards promoting your business so that you can grow it to the level you want.

3. Believe in yourself; believe that you can be very successful. In most cases, people place a limit in terms of what they can achieve. If you believe that you can become successful with your business and earn a specific amount of money per year with your online business, then you will. If you have confidence, it means that nothing will stop in your way while you work towards becoming successful with your business.

4. Work hard to develop your online business. It is important that you apply your best effort and dedication to your business so that you can become successful. If you consistently work hard in your business, you will achieve all the success you want.

5. Keep on learning! If you want to be successful, you must have a strong desire to learn about how to build your business. The internet is very dynamic, so you must keep on learning about the various ways through which you can market your business.

6. Stay focused. This is very important if you want to be successful. Do not scatter your efforts on many business opportunities at the same time. You must have your efforts focused on your business until you grow it to the level of success that you want.

7. Keep positive. If you want to be successful, you must be optimistic about your business. You may make a mistake in your online business or you may face an obstacle; but if you keep positive, you will continue working hard on your business and achieve the level of success you wish for.

8. Treat your online business like a business! Although your online business may be inclined towards your hobby, it is important that you treat your business professionally, which means that being disciplined enough to work on your business as much as you can. Everyday, do something that will grow your business. The tips outlined above can help you achieve any level of success you want with your online home business.